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Preparation for our death 3

Preparation for Our Death

Preparation for Our Death #perception #transformation #mindfulness We think of death as a horrible thing that most of us are afraid of, death the cessation of life,  associated with decay, demise, the end, parting from...

The war within 0

The War Within

The War Within #dualism #awareness #yinyang We live in a world full of dualism’s, a polarity of opposite’s light and dark, life and death, hot and cold, love and hate (positive and negative energy’s)  without...


Our Thoughts Aren’t Our Enemy

Our Thoughts Aren’t Our Enemy #mind #thoughts #consciousness Thoughts are just thoughts they arise like a puff of smoke then disappear into nothingness I spent many years of my life wrestling with my thoughts, sometimes they...

Our Separation is an Apparition 0

Our Separation is an Apparition

Our Separation is an Apparition #consciouness #perception #awareness “Living separate is hell being one is life” Soho Being born in Australia with a mixed English background there wasn’t a strong sense of community or culture growing...


Waiting Out the Storm

Waiting Out the Storm #humanity #mind #poetry . . .  _ _ _ . . . (SOS)  come in can you hear me? With a sense of urgency my insides spill over leaving an open...

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