Monthly Archive: October 2017

Expectations 0

We Suffer from our Expectations

We Suffer from our Expectations #perception #thinking #reality     We all suffer from our expectations of how we think things and people should be   As most of us know… We process information (through our...

I am human 0

I Am Human

I Am Human #human #life #poetry Primal animal mortal  With hair tissue nails Blood encased in veins Sinew attached to bones Organs pumping transforming matter   Excreting waste We are beautiful  A putrefying phenomenon You can...

Youth beauty and entropy 0

Youth, Beauty and Entropy

Youth, Beauty and Entropy #life #living #delusion (I speak from my own observations and experiences in life) Most of us are brought up to believe that beauty is a thing you aspire to, society has...


Time and How We Are Bound By It

Time and How We Are Bound By It #time #mindfulness #awareness  “Time waits for no man”- unknown  Do you ever feel like a mouse endlessly running on a wheel and getting nowhere day after day?...

Our Future is Unknown 10

Our Future is Unknown

Our Future is Unknown #humanity #earth #poetry   Trying to hang on but I’m losing grip Growing tired my hands slip Falling what will break it Its dark still void My silent reveries Chasing shadows...

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