Time and How We Are Bound By It


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  1. amybelle says:

    What an interesting and refreshing post. I practice mindfulness everyday to relieve me of the stresses that come with life. I also feel I either have too much time or not enough! Best wishes to you 🌺

    • Thank you! 🐞

      Yes time can be a conundrum…

      I am glad you found something that can relieve your stresses,

      Focusing on my natural breath helps me by pulling me into the now.

      Best wishes to you too 😊🌸

  2. Excellent perspective on time.

    Here’s a quote by Bruce Lee: If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of. ~ Bruce Lee

    The concept ‘Time’ can sometimes get the best of us. And that’s depending on how one views time or gets literal with deep
    insight philosophical of time itself. Yes, we are real and time is real so it must all be true in reality.

    Man, now…I got myself thinking. I love this post of yours a lot and thank you for writing this. 🙂

    • Thank you Charlie 😊

      I love Bruce Lee he’s so inspiring…

      Yes time is an interesting concept can be a mind bender when you start thinking about different dimensions…

      I love getting lost in my thoughts 😊

  3. I totally feel you. The bid to earn a living takes a lot out of us and most times leaves us with barely anytime to have a life, however, practicing mindfulness and making each moment/day count helps. I found that keeping such frame of mind helps me to achieve much more than I used to.

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